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Trend Interior is a company which engaged in interior design services and manufacture of interior furniture. Trend Interior was established on 12 march 1997 and based in Rafflesia Business center complex block C #7 batam center – Indonesia.

Our employees are experts worker who are professional and experience in their fields to ensure customer satisfaction and timeliness of work for the trust which has been given.

Our priority and commitment to client satisfaction on every project that has been entrusted to us. We have a professional team who has equipment and materials back up as well as modern quality work in order to produce the perfect jobs.

Our mission

  • Encourage creativity with quality
  • Realising spatial, creative interior design and innovative in accordance customer/client dream.
  • Provide customer satisfaction in service and product quality.
  • Making comfortable layout and appropriate solutions to the state space.

Our vision

To be a interior design company leader in terms of reliable and quality by having a design which are innovative, creative and able to give the arrangement of interior design and the proper adjustment in order to provide motivation and comfort for the user.

  • Showroom :
  • Komp. Rafflesia Business Centre Blok C No. 07
  • Batam Centre, Batam Island - Indonesia
  • Ph. 0778 472 580, Fax. 0778 472 809
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